Qingdao Homy International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in November 1997. It is the first level logistics enterprise approved by the state. It mainly engaged in marine, air, express, international multimodal transport and international shipping agency business. It also undertakes freight forwarders and various kinds of import and export goods, charter ships, insurance, disassembly boxes, import and export, customs declaration, inspection, settlement and transportation. Incidental expenses, related short distance transportation services and transportation consulting business.               Qingdao Homy International Logistics Co., Ltd. has perfect service mechanism and optimized route allocation. The company has offices, finance department, air transport department, operation center, logistics department, customs declaration and inspection department. The company has Japan line, South Korea line, Australia new line, Hongkong Southeast Asia line, central and eastern line, European ground line, America and Canada line, among which the advantages of Japan line and South Korea line are particularly prominent. South Korean routes cover the main ports in South Korea and provide high quality cabin configuration. The Japanese line is mainly Japanese basic port and Japanese port. With its "good space service, the network" provides the one-stop full course logistics in the destination port with Japanese style service, which is praised by the customers. Other routes also have unparalleled advantages, and all related shipping companies have booking agreements, cargo collection and settlement agreements. It has many years of cooperative agent network platform in all major ports all over the world.           
    Qingdao Homy International Logistics Co., Ltd. has a powerful foreign agent network, which can safely and quickly transport the goods shipped to the destination in the most economical and convenient way. In order to better serve the domestic customers, the company set up its own subsidiary company in the main ports of the country and inland Shandong. At present, in Dalian, Tianjin, Yantai, Weihai, Lianyungang,Shanghai, Xiamen, Wuxi, Laiyang, Weifang, Zibo, Jiaozhou, Huangdao and other places are directly subordinate companies, other coastal port branches are also actively formed. An increasingly sound network will bring the company's services to a new level and provide more comprehensive logistics services for more customers.           
    Since its opening, Qingdao Homy International Logistics Co., Ltd. has won good praise not only between shippers and customers, but also in the main platform of the whole shipping logistics system. The main certificates that the company has obtained are: NVOCC qualification certificate: MOCNV05197; international freight forwarding Federation: WIFFA W0007632; World Logistics Association: WCA 74244; the company is a member of the permanent Council of China Shipping weekly; in recent years, it has won the national award of China's shipping weekly: the top ten logistics public in the country Division, the best regional logistics ten, the national logistics brand value 100 enterprises.           
    The company's leadership attaches great importance to the brand development strategy and brand management of the enterprise. In December 14, 2008, it was awarded the "shipping beauty" trademark registration certificate issued by the national industry and Commerce Bureau. The company set up a trademark brand management committee, to develop the company's brand development strategy and brand management standards. All the employees of the company strictly carry out the international standardized quality system of the national ISO9001:2015 service to serve the customers. In the past 20 years, the company has maintained a good reputation and high quality enterprise reputation in the domestic logistics industry and brought a perfect service experience to the customers. The brand vision of the company is to provide customers with one-stop logistics service and strive to be China's top 100 brand logistics providers.