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Seaborne import and export

After many years of business practice, Qingdao airlines international logistics company has a perfect import and export seaborne service mechanism.

Warehousing logistics

Professional warehousing stewardship, wholeheartedly for your warehousing and logistics management to a one - to - one service, transportation vehicle conditions are excellent, box type truck, transportation time and stability in time.

Second-hand container business

Our company sells the second-hand container for a long time, and the box is better. All the boxes are manufactured in accordance with IICL international container standard. The quality is reliable and durable.

Customs declaration

We have a professional customs declaration team in Huangdao, 20 years of experience accumulated, and the good credit of the customs and other administrative organs, can prove that we are professional, efficient, reliable import and export declaration inspection.

Land transport service

In the past 20 years, the company has established a good cooperative relationship with all parties, gradually established the business advantage of the company, adhering to the service tenet of "choosing the air and the air of the world". The company has set up its own brand of land transport and air transportation with high quality, high efficiency, safe and quick, high price, high quality and enthusiastic service. Lai.